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Magic Lamp Light Setting Prayer


There are few magical concepts that show up in nearly every culture, every religion, and every time period, but the idea of setting a light (lighting candles and lamps) is one that is truly universal. As with most magical practices, the flavor varies depending on the culture and era, but people have always connected the little flame with prayer.

As early as Ancient Egypt, we have records of magical workings involving oil lamps, specifically. The tradition continues onward through history, from Aladdin’s magic lamp to the Hoodoo and Gypsy practices of lamp-lighting.

There are several ways to go about lighting a magical lamp. Like most people, I am particular to the way I was taught. I use a glass oil lamp, filling the base with the ingredients and components that best support the magical intention. This can include conditioning oils, herbs, stones, spices, resins, shells, bones, talismans, paper with writing, and other items. I choose what goes in the lamp based on the correspondences of my magical tradition and my intuition.

I wouldn’t really call this service a spell. It is more of a prayer. It fosters a connection between you and the Universe. It is a gentle but firm plea for help, as well as being an offering made in your name. I prepare the lamp, make offerings, set the light, and recite a prayer each night/day of the vigil on your behalf for the thing that you have need of.

As part of my overall service, I will take a picture of your lamp and offerings on the altar during the prayer service and send it to you via email. I will also post it on Instagram (anonymously, since your personal privacy is sacred to me). This may sound like a strange thing, but it “boosts the signal” of your prayer since those who see it will be adding energy to the prayer. (If you prefer that I not post your lamp service, I will refrain. It is entirely your call.)

Adjust the "quantity" to determine how many days I perform the ceremony for you. 1=1 day. 3=3 days. 7=7 days, etc.

Choose from the following prayer intentions, or choose “custom need” from the drop-down menu:

All Is Fair – courtcase, justice, legal proceedings

Baby Mine – fertility, conception, pregnancy, baby blessings, child protection

Be Gone – banishing, hotfoot, get out, GTFO

Be Still – stop gossip, slander, lies, rumors

Bless This House – home blessing and protection

Cash & Coin – money, wealth, prosperity, steady work

Domina – control, domination, bend over, St. Martha, command & compel

Ghost Whisperer – ancestors, spirit communication, necromancy, ghosts, haunting

Hale & Whole – health, healing, well-being

Heart’s Ease – peace, tranquility, sorrow, grieving, mourning

Lost & Found – return, lover come home, missing items

Love Me – love drawing, follow me, sex, passion, lust, love, romance, relationship, marriage

Mirror Mirror – beauty, confidence, glamour, Venus

Travellin’ Man – travel protection, St. Christopher

Watch Over Me – protection, guardian, fiery wall

Wish Me Luck – good luck, fast luck, games of chance, gambling


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