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Want to take your magic further?

Laurelei is a Pagan Life Coach, teacher, speaker, and psychic-intuitive who is accepting new clients and students.


“I am called to teach. That is my work in this lifetime; maybe in all my lifetimes. I was once a high school English and drama teacher, and now I find myself teaching through public speaking engagements, my books, and my coaching business.


“My greatest desire is to lead an authentic, meaningful, and passionate life and to help others do the same. I believe that the principles of metaphysics (including Witchcraft, magic, shamanism and more) are inherently tied to these goals, for me and for my clients.”


Maybe you want to:

          Find your life’s purpose (your Great Work)

          Untangle and decode the symbols in your own personal myth

          Create wealth and abundance

          Find your soul’s mate(s)

          Implement new magical techniques and information


          Create healing for your mind, body, and spirit


Laurelei can help you achieve the goals that are important to you, whatever they are. Your sessions will include traditional coaching techniques, blended with divination, magic, meditation, and symbol exploration.  


If you’re looking for a psychic advisor, a Craft/metaphysics mentor, or a Pagan Life Coach, you’ll want to schedule your FREE (no cost, no obligation) Skype session with Laurelei. In this 15-minute Skype chat, we’ll discuss your goals and see if Laurelei’s coaching/teaching approach will be a good fit for you.  

What You Need to Know

* Our initial 15-minute Skype chat is free of charge and comes with no obligation to continue a coaching relationship. We will get to know each other and determine if a coaching relationship will help you achieve your goal(s).

* I may or may not use psychic reading techniques as part of our first session. If I do, it is purely for the purpose of determining the path for us to move forward. (It would not be an appropriate time to ask about that new love interest, your job, or other queries. You can book a reading using my readings services if you are interested in that sort of chat.)

* My monthly coaching fee is US$60-$100 per month, on a sliding scale. For that fee, you will receive a 60-minute Skype call each month, a personalized plan for reaching the goals you have set for yourself, “homework” assignments and activities to help you achieve those goals, psychic reading services included within your call to support your efforts, and email communications throughout the month to check-in with your progress.

* I don’t use a contract, but we will discuss a time-frame for our coaching sessions. We may be able to reach your goals in a single session, or we may develop a 3-, 6-, or even 12-month plan. Regardless of the plan we create, you can cancel at any time if you feel like you’ve reached your goals, we are not a good fit, or your financial situation no longer allows it. All I ask is that you give me a heads-up by the 1st of the month (the day your payment for that month’s session is due).

* A coach (even a psychic, witchy one) is not a counselor, but more of an advisor. My role in your life is different than a therapist or a doctor; and I am telling you unequivocally that I am neither of those things.  I am here to help you reach your goals, and I will do that in a no-nonsense, plain-speak sort of way. I will be gently honest with you at every step of the way.

*I can’t do the work for you, though. You have to take responsibility for your progress. If you aren’t interested in doing the assignments and exercises that will help you develop your skills, broaden your experience, or move you toward your goals, then I can’t help.


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