Cash and Coin Full Ritual Service

Item Description

Love it or hate it, we all need money to survive. Whether you need a little just to get by or want enough to have some luxury in your life, you deserve to have the money you need.

You can utilize this service in a number of ways, and (as always) I will get specifics from you about your goal for this working. Some uses of the Cash & Coin full ritual service are: imbuing yourself with abundance, bringing prosperity and plenty into your home, meeting the needs of specific bills.


What do you mean by “ritual?”

A magical ritual or “working” follows a format or “formula.” It includes a combination of words, actions, tools, and supplies that all support the intention or the goal. A spell is a type of ritual, and it is usually a fairly simple one. The working I do for you may be simple or it may be complex, depending on what is required.


The ritual I perform on your behalf will include (at least) a purification of the space and the physical items utilized, a consecration and blessing of your talisman, an invocation of the appropriate magical forces, a raising and releasing of energy toward your goal, a sacrifice to balance the scales, and a release of the magical space.


ALL MAGIC REQUIRES SACRIFICE. You must give to get. What is given is taken, and vice versa. Neither you nor I get away from that need for sacrifice. We both pay something, and YOU have to be involved in the magic in order for it to work for you. I will always perform a Stone Bowl Divination prior to performing ANY act of magic for a client in order to determine what my own level of sacrifice might be regarding the ritual at hand. If the price is too high for me, I respectfully reserve the right to cancel the transaction and refund your money in full. Some magic is simply not worth the price, after all. Furthermore, I will do this reading for you as well, so that you can decide for yourself whether you wish to proceed.



The Process

  1. I will begin by getting basic information from you about your situation so that I can personalize the ritual and form a connection to the working. There is a downloadable questionnaire attached to this listing. Just download it, type in your responses, and email it back to me at
  2. Next, I will do a Sacrificial Stone Bowl reading, as described above, to determine the price for this magic. I will consult with you before proceeding.
  3. In a ritual setting, I will consult my own familiar spirits (and yours, if they will communicate with me) for guidance in crafting the appropriate ritual and talisman for you.
  4. Once the ritual is designed, I will gather the supplies and craft the talisman. This is a talisman that you will keep as a focal point of your intention. It is a way to keep feeding the goal, even after the ritual is done.
  5. I will then perform the ritual on the appropriate day and time. I like to work with planetary influences for both days and times (as well as moon phases and signs) whenever possible. This is where you’ll need a little patience, as it may be a few days to a couple of weeks before the right day and time arrives. (If you need the work done FAST, please let me know when you order. We can shift some things around, if needed.)
  6. I’ll document the whole process, sending you my notes and a picture of the altar via email and the talisman via the postal service.
  7. I’ll also post a picture of your [anonymous] working on Instagram. (My username is laureleiblack, if you’d like to follow me!) This may sound odd, but it will “boost the signal” on your working. Each person that sees the pic will add a little energy to your goals. Your information will stay confidential, of course. I will only mention it by ritual type.
  8. The notes I send you will include anything you need to do to claim or finalize the magic. As I said above, if it is your working, you need to do something for it.


Why do I perform rituals for other people?

Doing this work (and charging money for it) is considered fairly controversial in this day and age. Yes, there are plenty of people on the Internet who are doing witchcraft for money. But most of those people aren’t really considered reputable members of the Craft community. Modern witches and ceremonial magicians especially frown on it. I’m a well-respected member of both of those communities, and I risk my reputation in them by performing magic as a billable service for the public.


So why do I? Well, I believe it is the ancient work and realm of the Witch to perform magic and rituals on behalf of those in her village. We live in a global village these days, so I consider the world my community. And I charge because there is always an energetic exchange in magic and also because the Craft is not just my religion, it is my profession. It is how I feed my family and pay the electric bill.


I take my practice very seriously, and I have full faith in the work I do. This is a sincere practice for me, although I recognize it as unconventional within the world of modern witchcraft to offer these services for a price.


Nobody can guarantee results for magical work. Anyone who does is a fraud. I believe in the work I do, but I understand its limits, and so should you. Magic is the act of creating change in accordance with your Will. It is YOUR Will and your change that are being effected here. All I am doing is setting up the most favorable circumstances for that change to happen. I believe very strongly in my ability to set up those circumstances. If you want to learn to do this type of work for yourself, you can.

Or, as most practitioners say: This listing is “Curio only.”

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