15 Minute SKYPE Reading

Item Description

I love doing psychic readings for folks, and I would really like the chance to read for YOU. Our reading can either be in a scheduled chat session or a scheduled Skype video/call session. (I'll send you my Skype contact info when we schedule our time.)

I am a talented and open psychic reader, using a wide variety of tools and modalities to help you uncover the Mysteries in your life.

Allow me to help you untangle the past, uncover today's patterns, or unveil the mysteries of the future. This listing is for a 15 minute reading (add more time by increasing the quantity on your order) with ANY of the following tools that you wish (including a combination):

stone bowl

cowrie shells






scrying (dark mirror, crystal ball, smoke, fire)

skull & bone

This listing is for a 15 minute reading via video, audio, or text chat -- your preference. You can ask as many questions in that time as you like. To schedule a longer reading, simply increase the quantity of readings in your order.


The reading is entirely online. We will schedule a time that is mutually convenient within the 72 hours following your purchase. We will conduct the reading via Skype, using either text chat (IM), phone chat (VOIP), or video chat -- according to your preference.

You can send me a question before the chat, or wait to talk to me during our scheduled time. You can ask about specific situations, or get a general reading (check-in).

If you need more than 15 minutes, you can order as many 15 minute blocks of time as you like.


I will always give you an honest and intuitive answer to your question(s), and as such I cannot offer a refund if you are unsatisfied with the answer you hear. However, if I we are unable to schedule a mutually beneficial reading time, I will happily refund your money.

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