BOS Pages

I am exceptionally proud of the Book of Shadows pages that Blade & Broom offers. These pages are all created and copyrighted by Asteria Books, a sister company to Blade & Broom Botanica.

Most of the pages are written by me (Laurelei), though a few of our original pages were written by my ex-wife and former magickal partner. I have been in the process of replacing those pages, at her request, so soon ALL of the pages will either be my own research and writing, or they will be works from the public domain. I have made a concerted effort to keep the writing in these pages original, but no BOS would be complete without certain classic Witchcraft texts. These, of course, are included, as are a few juicy poems, chants, and ballads that speak to the nature and tenor of Traditional Craft.

We currently have over 550 pages available (as of Samhain 2017). It is my hope that by Yule of 2018, my BOS project will be complete, and I will be able to offer almost 1,000 BOS pages -- all in the Blade & Broom style. You can purchase digital copies of all these pages at

I will be updating this page with information related to the BOS project. However, you can also be added to our mailing list so you don't miss out on new pages or sets as they are added.