Yep, Definitely READY!

It's been a crazy two years for me, folks. I've kept my magickal practice very close-to-the-vest, and I have focused on producing the BOS pages that have become such a significant source of income for my family. Between that and helping to run festivals at Camp Midian (and maintaining a full-time job outside the home), I didn't really have as much time for the services and products that Blade & Broom is known for. I think the Universe knew that ... and mercifully didn't send me clients during my hermitage.

Ready or Not ...

I'm not entirely sure if I'm "ready" to jump back in with both feet, but I don't think I can live another day without offering my services to my Gods, my Spirits, and my community. So, here I am, World. Open for business once again. I'm willing and able to help.

Shift in Focus

From time to time, all magic-workers need to take a break. I've been toying with that break for about a year now, but my life circumstances are showing me that NOW is the time.

To that end, Blade & Broom is mainly going to offer digital products for a while. I may post a unique offer here and there, but most of my regular stock is "hidden." When I am ready and able, I will restore the products and services that you have come to know and love from me/the shop.

Working for the Magic

Like many Witches, I have been asked to perform alignments and attunements for many clients who want to gain more power or ability in one area or another. When (if) I do this work, I like to counsel my clients on the piece of the puzzle that is in their hands. Not every magician will tell you this, but I want to give you the tools to be successful with your goals. (These principles apply to every aspect of magic, including spirit conjuring and other types of spells, too.)

Conjure versus Conjuration

In magical traditions, you hear and read the word "conjure" a lot. What does it mean?

Well, that largely depends on who is using it and in what context. This is my no-fuss explanation:

Conjure -- If someone says they do conjure, rootwork, hoodoo, then they are saying that they perform a type of American folk magic that draws heavily from African American traditions. Spirit conjuration is involved, but they are not referring solely to the practice of calling up spirits.

Spirit Conjure Philosophy

Spirits are sentient beings with individual Wills, desires, abilities, and "lives." We mortals (if indeed we ARE mortal) are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are astral and eternal beings who have chosen to incarnate as physical beings. The spirits we draw into our lives are not unlike us, except that they have chosen (or can't for some reason) take an incarnate form.

My Conjure Process

I've been involved with several different types of conjurers and magicians. Each individual works a little differently, and each method or genre of conjuring has its own set of rules. Ceremonial mages are different from witches or are different from rootworkers. I have been trained in these three systems and also in Druidry, and I have studied other systems as well. I hope I will be able to explain my process clearly for you.

Basic Magical Education

mystical libraryIf you are interested in learning how to do this work for yourself, you can either study independently or with a teacher. Laurelei is an excellent teacher — having been a professional educator (high school English and theatre teacher and a public speaker within the witchcraft community) for many years. Wherever you study, you education should include:

Basic Banishing and Psychic Hygiene

I know that we are going to have more in-depth posts on topics of banishing and psychic hygiene, but I couldn't resist posting this brief intro right away. Maintaining your psychic and energetic health is one of the most important aspects of spiritual work and spirit keeping. Without a basic knowledge of how to get rid of "psychic sludge" you will find yourself dealing with physical, mental, and emotional trouble.

Conjure and the Witch

I am a Witch. I have been interested and involved in the occult since I was about 11 years old, and I began my official training when I was 21. I turned 40 in 2015, so half my life has been dedicated to magic and the Craft.

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